Dell PowerConnect 6X177 1U Rack Mount Kit (Older Model)


  • Part Number: 6X177
  • Compatible with Dell PowerConnect:
  • 2748, 2848, 3048, 3424, 3448, 3524, 3548, 5324, 5424, 5448
  • NOT compatible with Dell PowerConnect:
  • 3424P, 3448P, 3524P, 3548P, 5524P, or 5548P (search part WJ690)

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Dell PowerConnect 6X177 1U Rack Mount Kit

This rack mount kit is NOT compatible with the Dell PowerConnect 3424P, 3448P, 3524P, 3548P, 5524P, 5548P.

Search for Dell WJ690 to find that part.

Compatible with the following:

Dell PowerConnect models (and part numbers for those models): 2748 (XP166, UY486) 2848 (Y953J, F496K) 3048 (1T144) 3424 (XJ505, TF096, UJ393, D5684, X5388) 3448 (YJ045, TJ930, G5043) 3524 (P486K, J322F) 3548 (M725K, GY466, H984F) 5324 (UJ371, FC762, Y4657, HC276, R7768) 5424 (M023F) 5448 (H969F)

Other Compatible Models:

Buffalo Tech Switches: BS-GS2024, BS-GS2024P BS-GS2048 Compatible with Cisco Switches: SG300-52

D-Link Switches: DGS-1248T DGS-1500-28P DGS-3048 DGS-3100-48

Linksys Switches: SLM2024

NETGEAR ProSAFE Switches: FS726T, FS726TP, FS726Tv2 FS728TLP, FS728TP, FS728TPv1, FS728TPv2, FS728TS FS750T2 FS752TP, FS752TPS, FS752TS FSM7226P, FSM7226RS FSM726E, FSM726v2, FSM726v3 FSM7250P, FSM7250RS FSM7326P, FSM7326PS, FSM7326S FSM7328PS, FSM7328S, FSM7352S GS348 GS418TPP GS716Tv2, GS716Tv3 GS724AT, GS724T (not v1), GS724Tv2, GS724Tv3, GS724Tv4, GS724TP, GS724TPS, GS724TR, GS724TS GS728TP, GS728TPv2, GS728TPP, GS728TPPv2, GS728TPS, GS728TPS(B), GS728TS, GS728TS(B), GS728TXS GS748AT, GS748T, GS748Tv1, GS748Tv2, GS748Tv3, GS748Tv4, GS748Tv5, GS748TP (Blue), GS748TR, GS748TS GS750E GS752TP, GS752TPv2, GS752TPS, GS752TPS(B), GS752TS, GS752TS(B), GS752TXS GSM4210P (M4200-10MG-PoE+) GSM4328PA / GSM4328PB (M4300-28G-PoE+), GSM4328S (M4300-28G) GSM4352S (M4300-52G) GSM7212 (M4100-12G), GSM7212F (M4100-12GF), GSM7212P (M4100-12G-POE+) GSM7224, GSM7224v1, GSM7224v2, GSM7224P (M4100-24G-POE+), GSM7224R GSM7226LP (M4100-26G-POE) GSM7248, GSM7248v1, GSM7248v2 (M4100-50G), GSM7248P (M4100-50G-POE+), GSM7248R GSM7312 JGSM7224 XS708E, XS708Ev2 XS712T XS716E XS724EM

Compatible with TRENDnet Switches: TEG-448WS

Note: Dell may have other part codes for the switches than what are listed here, but all should remain compatible with the rack mount kit.

This rack mount kit is used to mount Buffalo Tech, Cisco, Dell, D-Link, Linksys, NETGEAR, and TRENDnet series switches into a 17.3 in equipment rack.

We carry a full line of rack mounts, blank panels, slot covers, antennas, and cables for Cisco equipment. If you do not see what you need in our store please contact us.

Free LIFETIME Replacement Warranty!

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